Winter Covers – A Necessity for the Winter Months

Winter covers (a.k.a. Safety Covers) are an integral part of ensuring your pool does not become a safety hazard for the winter months. Not only does the winter cover prevent unwanted debris from entering the pool, it protects your family and pets from injury.


Signs that you may need a new winter cover

  • Visible wear along coping where the winter cover touches
  • Dry Rot – You can actually hear the cover crunch when you apply pressure to it
  • Visible Holes – Comprises the safety the winter cover provides where small holes can turn into large tears


Services Provided

  • Advise on whether you need to replace the cover and what your options are
  • We will measure the perimeter or pick up your cover for a duplicate replacement
  • We will reinstall your new winter cover per the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you have an existing cover, we can have duplicates made so no new drilling is required.

We work with several manufacturers to ensure we have the correct safety cover to meet your needs.Our office can be reached at 847-907-4995
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