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Our goal at Quantus Pools is to not only provide clear and sanitary water, but an improved experience with an emphasis on managing your chlorine reading and minimizing our environmental impact. It is our experience that water satisfaction is directly related to clarity and chlorine levels. Below you will find several solutions we employ to give our customer’s the best bang for their buck and the latest pool technological advances.



Therm Products UV Systems

We have teamed up with a company called Therm Products to introduce their high quality UV system. Features of the Therm Products UV System

  • Kills all waterborne bacteria, viruses, and parasites including Cryptosporidium, E.coli, Legionella (Legionnaire’s Disease), Ebola.
  • Reduces the need for chlorine in swimming pools by about 75% while maintaining a 3 PPM chlorine level eliminating itchy skin and eye irritation.
  • Environmentally friendly 316L stainless steel design. It will not degrade or discolor unlike other plastic UV systems on the market.
  • Low electric power consumption
  • Lamp life of 13,000 hours
  • 2 year warranty

How UV Light Works

Source: Pool & Spa News – Shining a Light on UV
Pool & Spa News – Shining a Light on UV UV sanitation systems eliminate chlorine-resistant microorganisms, which are common causes of pool closures. These systems reproduce UV radiation inside light chambers via powerful lamps, which emit germicidal UV-C light that is used to disinfect pool and spa water. Facilities equipped with these systems consume fewer chemicals and allow sanitizers to be more effective. How much more effective depends on the water’s hardness, pH and other water chemistry factors. UV-C causes permanent damage to a number of microorganisms almost instantly as the water circulates through the light chamber. By disrupting the microorganism’s DNA, protozoans, viruses and bacteria are unable to replicate and remain inert. This light, however, works only on water that flows through the chamber. Water in dead zones isn’t treated by the light and the light does not act as a residual, thus the need for the presence of a halogen. The effects of UV-C are immediate and do not alter the water’s composition.


Natural Chemistry’s Line of Natural Enzyme Products

Natural Chemistry Website


What are enzyme based chemicals?

Natural enzymes work by BIODEGRADING the non-living organics in pools, actually breaking them down to their original building blocks, such as carbon dioxide and water, which are essentially reabsorbed back into the pool or spa water.

What is non-living organic matter?

Here is a brief list of non-living organic matter that can be found in your pool that your chlorine deals with on a daily basis.

  • Bird Droppings
  • Personal Hygiene Products (Lotions, Deodorant, Hair Products)
  • Vegetation
  • Human Waste
  • Tree Sap
  • Sweat
  • Jet Fuel (surprising right?)

How do enzymes help sanitize my water?

Enzyme’s essentially act as a supplement to your chlorine. While chlorine is highly effective at breaking down ORGANIC LIVING matter, it is not very effective at breaking down NON-LIVING ORGANIC MATTER. Chlorine’s efficiency dramatically drops when dealing with non-organic living matter which requires a higher chlorine reading than actually required to sanitize the pool. By introducing natural enzymes that are specifically formulated to destroy non-living organic matter, your pool can maintain a lower chlorine reading since it’s not being wasted on non-living organic matter.


Variable Speed Pumps


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Pentair PDF on Variable Speed Pump Savings
Pentair PDF on Variable Speed Pump Savings How do variable speed pumps differ from traditional single speed pumps?
Single speed pumps are your traditional pool pump. They are loud and inefficient but cheap. They run at one speed and must be able to handle any range of circulation requirements within the motors specifications. There’s no flexibility and can cost a home owners upwards of $2000 a year to run.
Variable speed pumps use what is called a “permanent magnet motor” unlike the single speeds that use the traditional and inefficient induction motors. Magnet motors are also found in the latest electric cars. Variable speed pumps can be dialed in so that you can get the most efficient turnover rate at the optimal speed for the greatest energy savings. This allows the pump to slow down the flow of water thus resulting in less friction which increases the efficiency of the entire circulation systems. Furthermore, when you slow the movement of the water, it will allow your filter media to sift more effectively since it spends more time in the filter.

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