Preventative Maintenance Services

Automatic covers require yearly inspection and routine maintenance to insure carefree operation and prevent costly repairs. In order to make your summer more enjoyable, we are pleased to offer the very best in preventative maintenance service options performed by trained technicians.


Our most effective preventative maintenance services include:

Comprehensive System Tune-Up:

All pulleys and fittings are lubricated, cover operation is adjusted, dirt is flushed from tracks, loose screws are tightened and a written inspection is provided


Deluxe Cover Cleaning:

Your cover is cleaned using our specially formulated cleaner & protectant. Leaves and debris are removed from your cover pump and mechanism housing


Combo Tune-Up & Cleaning:

This is our most popular service option includes both option 1 and option 2, for complete cover care, value and savings.
* Travel charges may be billed in addition to service fees. If repairs are needed, necessary parts and additional labor billed separately.


Additional Services

Mechanical System Overhaul

Recommended for roughly operating systems no less than 5 years of age. The system is removed, disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Worn or broken parts are replaced. The system is re-leveled and re-mounted. The cover is run and adjusted and a #1 Comprehensive System Tune-Up is performed. Price based on OEM parts – typically takes 3 hours to perform.

When something is torn, broken or just not right, we are happy to help you diagnose your problem, provide technical support, and if necessary schedule a service call to perform the needed repairs. From sewing repairs to broken ropes, humming motors to stuck covers, and even covers crashed into the pool… we can help. Please call our Service Department at 800-307-7727.

Engineering advancements have greatly improved Automatic Pool Cover Systems available to pool owners today. Installation of Replacement Cover Fabric and New Replacement Systems are our specialty. Let us know when you are ready to upgrade.
Quotes are based on square footage and can be given over the phone.

Our #1 Comprehensive System Tune-Up is included in the installation and price of our replacement cover quotes.Our Coverstar UltraGard III Fabric is incredibly strong and durable. The heavy duty vinyl and polyester fabric with advanced formula, long-chain molecule plasticizers (LCMP), stay in place longer, providing enhanced durability in the pool environment.Unlike most automatic safety cover manufacturers which wrap webbing material around rope and sewn in the corner, Coverstar invented and patented a process whereby the rope in the cover is replaced with a flexible polymer bead and the webbing is heat seal bonded to the cover fabric in one step.This patented process is a substantial improvement and provides substantially longer webbing life and improved operation of the cover..

“New System Installations and Replacement Systems”
The Coverstar automatic safety cover is quite simply the best automatic safety cover ever made. Only the best materials available were used to make it as reliable and durable as possible.

“Replacement Parts”
Our Parts Department carries a full inventory of common replacement parts for all brands of automatic pool cover systems and fully automatic freeze-proof cover pumps.


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