Pool Contractor Tips – Which contractor is right for you?

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Have you been dreaming of adding a pool or spa to your backyard? With Quantus Pools at your side, there’s no better time than now to take the plunge. However, before you begin the process, review these tips on hiring a contractor:

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My Pool Is Losing Water – Evaporation or Leak?

  • Construction

You come home and look outside only to notice that your water level seems off. You’re not sure if it has a leak since it can be tough with the sheer size of the pool but want to make sure. Here are a few tips to help you determine whether it is water loss or a leak.

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Pool Lights: Switch to LED, Here’s Why!

  • Construction

What was a new idea over 20 years ago has come of age; LED pool lights are burning brighter than ever. Manufacturers now use ultra efficient LED’s to shine brighter while consuming less energy! LED pool lights have numerous advantages over incandescent flood lamp type pool lights:

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Prime Time to Open Your Swimming Pool

  • Construction

So here we are, mid-April, and many of you reading this are still looking at a pool in your back yard with a cover on it. This is understandable, and I’m sure you have your reasons, but I simply wanted to write this little article from the opposite perspective.

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Swimming Pool Pumps On Paper – What’s the smartest choice?

  • Construction

Swimming Pool Pumps: Which Is The Smartest Choice? One Speed vs Two Speed vs Variable Speed. So you’re in the market for a new pool or a new pool pump, but you’re not sure what kind of pump to buy; here is the nitty gritty for you!

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