Prime Time to Open Your Swimming Pool

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So here we are, mid-April, and many of you reading this are still looking at a swimming pool in your back yard with a cover on it. This is understandable, and I’m sure you have your reasons, but I simply wanted to write this little article from the opposite perspective.

5 Reasons to Open Your Pool Up in April

1. Weather changes so frequently: Have there ever been hot days in April? Yes, of course, there have. As we all know, April is one of those months where it’s simply tough to know how the weather is going to act. It could stay in the 40s or could get up into the 70s, but if it does by chance get that hot, at least you’ll be ready if the opportunity presents itself!

2. Algae: Have you ever seen the difference between a pool that is opened in April vs. May? Let me tell you, it’s huge, with the biggest difference being visible Algae growth. With the temps constantly in the 70+ range during May, algae have plenty of time to grow on the walls, thus meaning that when the pool does finally get opened, it can be very difficult to deal with.

3. Pollen: Pollen wreaks havoc on the water that is not circulating, and being that it’s just now starting to rear its ugly head, pools that are on will have very little difficulty keeping up with it. But let it just collect in your pool’s water for the next month or so and you’ll see that it’s much harder to clear up by that point.

4. It looks great! In-ground pools are a beautiful luxury. Water is relaxing and seeing a pool without a cover is a clear sign that spring is here and winter has finally moved on.

5. Come party time, you’ll be ready: Most people want to have their pool open and ready for use before Memorial Day. Opening up by early or mid-April not only gives you the availability to use the pool if the weather is nice, but it also ensures that any problems with equipment or water chemistry can be a problem of the past when it comes time to have your big Memorial Day bash!

So there are five points to consider as you decide on when to open your swimming pool up this year. Hopefully, this helps you decide to open your pool a little earlier and get THAT much more enjoyment from it.

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