With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have technicians on hand that can handle your leak detection from diagnostics to repair.

Quantus Pools uses cutting edge technology to make sure we find the leak in the most cost and time efficient manner. No leak is too big or too small. We have the expertise and tools to handle leaks of any size ranging from small PVC breaks to cracks in your gunite shell.
Need help determing if you have a leak? Read Our Blog Post: My Pool is Losing Water – Evaporation or Leak?

Included in leak detection diagnostics are:

  • Pressure Testing
  • Dye Testing
  • Sound Testing (Underground location)
  • Necessary fittings to hook up to your plumbing

We break our leak detection into 4 areas:

  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Infloor Cleaning System
  • Water Features

After pressure testing is complete, a scope of work (if applicable) will be presented outlining the repair and ESTIMATE on costs. Typical repairs will be billed out as time and materials unless the scope of the repair is extensive. This will solely be based on our determination and a formal bid would be presented if deemed necessary.
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