Opening and Closing Your Inground Swimming Pool

Pool opening and closing can make or break the life of your pool. We take pride in how we get you going at the beginning of the season and how we protect you over the winter.


Spring Opening Pool Services Includes:

  • Removing and storing your winter cover
  • Drain & cleaning swimming pool if required or requested
  • Using appropriate chemicals to clean your pool walls, tile, skimmer mouths and deck
  • Re-installation of all rails, fittings, grates, covers, lights and other pool equipment
  • Filling the pool with fresh water – supplied from your home
  • Returning to restart all filtration and heating equipment
  • Chemically balance and treat water for use


Fall/Winter Closing Services Includes:

  • Draining your pool to a safe level for winterization
  • Removing lights from niches
  • Removing all rails, fittings, grates, covers and other pool equipment
  • Draining all pool pad equipment (heater, filter etc)
  • Removing water from all piping using air compression and inject anti-freeze
  • Plugging all applicable pipe lines to prevent freeze damage to plumbing
  • Removing cartridges from filter. Clean and store for winter
  • Installation of protective safety winter cover


BeforeAndAfter1 Seasonal Opening

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